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GOP aids doctors and researchers engaged in further research of Citrulline. GOP has access to pharmaceutical grade DMF-ready L-Citrulline API. This patent-pending pharmaceutical is finding its way into Injectable Sterile Powder, Chewable Tablets, Sachet Packages and Rejuvenation Drinks. GOP can protect your clinical research by providing L-Citrulline that stands up to the quality standards established by US and PTC patent protection.

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GOP’s Pharmaceutical Grade Nutraceuticals contain no binders, fillers, excipients—substances used dilute a drug. Higher degrees of bioavailability is the goal of Pharmaceutical Grade. Bioavailability is the degree at which a vitamin is absorbed into a living system. As these vitamins can be absorbed into the body rapidly, they improve and enhance the quality of your life quickly.

The recent negative reputation the American vitamin industry has garnered is one many feel is rightly deserved. People walk into stores and pharmacies to purchase vitamins and sometimes find the ingredients specified on the label are not inline with what is inside the bottle. In addition, many of the ingredients do not absorb into the body. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are becoming preferrable due to their availability through prescriptions from licensed medical practitioners. Unlike their traditional counterparts, pharmaceutical grade vitamins are tested for quality and effectiveness and are inspected by third parties to ensure the label complies with the contents in the bottle.



GOP has the capability to support your commercialization needs.

Here is a partial list of products that GOP can help you private label: